Janice Enright

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Janice Enright is a lobbyist in the Washington D.C. office of Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, P.C. where she works closely with Member Harold Ickes in the Government Relations practice group.  Together, in January of 1997, they formed The Ickes & Enright Group. Since that time, Ms. Enright has managed the lobbying and other activities of the firm for a number of its largest clients with particular focus on appropriations.

Ms. Enright has worked with Mr. Ickes since 1985, first at the New York office of Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, P.C., and then as his principal assistant during the 1992 New York Democratic presidential primary campaign, the 1992 Democratic National Convention, and the 1992 Clinton/Gore White House transition staff.  Mr. Ickes was Director of Summit Affairs at the 1997 Denver Summit of the Eight, the annual meeting of the heads of state of eight of the world’s leading economic nations. While there, Ms. Enright served as his Deputy and managed the Executive office which was staffed with Liaisons for Director to the White House, State Department, Treasury Department, all foreign delegations, State of Colorado and the City of Denver.

Ms. Enright joined the White House in 1994 as Special Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff where she was responsible for the management of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff.  In that capacity, she was the point person for the Deputy Chief of Staff for several substantive areas.  She was Mr. Ickes’ primary liaison to senior White House officials, Cabinet members, agency staff, members of Congress and their senior staff, Democratic Party officials, community organizations, interest groups and the press.

During 2003 and 2004, Ms. Enright served as the Treasurer of The Media Fund, which raised and spent $60 million on creating and airing television and radio ads focusing on key issues in the 2004 elections.  She also served as Treasurer of Victory Campaign 2004 which raised over $200 million for The Media Fund and America Coming Together, a $145 million voter mobilization initiative focused on the 2004 battleground states.

Additionally, Ms. Enright is the Treasurer of Friends of Hillary 2006, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2006 re-election committee.